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pauker::program::CardSide Class Reference

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Detailed Description

One side (front or reverse) of a Pauker flashcard

Definition at line 21 of file CardSide.java.

Public Member Functions

void cancelSearch ()
 CardSide (String text)
 CardSide ()
Color getBackgroundColor ()
Font getFont ()
String getFontFamily ()
int getFontSize ()
int getFontStyle ()
Color getForegroundColor ()
long getLearnedTimestamp ()
int getLongTermBatchNumber ()
ComponentOrientation getOrientation ()
List< SearchHitgetSearchHits ()
String getText ()
boolean isLearned ()
boolean isRepeatedByTyping ()
List< SearchHitsearch (Card card, Card.Element cardSide, String pattern, boolean matchCase)
void setBackgroundColor (Color backgroundColor)
void setFont (Font font)
void setForegroundColor (Color foregroundColor)
void setLearned (boolean learned)
void setLearnedTimestamp (long learnedTimestamp)
void setLongTermBatchNumber (int longTermBatchNumber)
void setOrientation (ComponentOrientation orientation)
void setRepeatByTyping (boolean repeatByTyping)
void setText (String text)

Private Attributes

Color backgroundColor
Font font
Color foregroundColor
boolean learned
long learnedTimestamp
int longTermBatchNumber
ComponentOrientation orientation
boolean repeatByTyping
final List< SearchHitsearchHits
String text

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