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List<Card> pauker::program::Lesson::getCards (  )  [inline]

returns a List of all cards of this lesson

a List of all cards of this lesson

Definition at line 157 of file Lesson.java.

References pauker::program::Batch::getCards().

Referenced by flip(), getNextExpirationTime(), pauker::program::SearchEngine::index(), pauker::program::SummaryBatch::SummaryBatch(), and pauker::program::gui::swing::ExpirationTest::testExpiration().

        List<Card> cards = new ArrayList<Card>();
        List<Card> unlearnedCards = unlearnedBatch.getCards();
        if (unlearnedCards != null) {
        for (LongTermBatch longTermBatch : longTermBatches) {
        return cards;

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