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pauker::program::LongTermBatch Class Reference

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Detailed Description

a long term batch

Definition at line 17 of file LongTermBatch.java.

Public Member Functions

void addCard (int index, Card card)
void addCard (Card card)
void addCards (List< Card > cards)
void clear ()
boolean continueSearch (boolean forward)
int getBatchNumber ()
Card getCard (int index)
List< CardgetCards ()
SearchHit getCurrentSearchHit ()
long getExpirationTime ()
Set< CardgetExpiredCards ()
int getNumberOfCards ()
int getNumberOfExpiredCards ()
Card getOldestExpiredCard ()
String getSearchPattern ()
Card.Element getSearchSide ()
int indexOf (Card card)
boolean isMatchCase ()
 LongTermBatch (int batchNumber)
void moveCards (int[] rows, int offset)
void refreshExpiration ()
Card removeCard (int index)
void removeCard (Card card)
boolean repeatSearch ()
boolean search (String searchPattern, boolean matchCase, Card.Element cardSide)
boolean setMatchCase (boolean matchCase)
boolean setSearchCardSide (Card.Element cardSide)
int[] shuffle (int[] selectedCards)
int[] sortCards (Card.Element cardElement, boolean ascending)
void stopSearching ()

Protected Attributes

List< Cardcards

Private Attributes

final int batchNumber
final long expirationTime
final Set< CardexpiredCards

Static Private Attributes

static final long EXPIRATION_UNIT = ONE_DAY
static final long ONE_DAY = ONE_HOUR * 24
static final long ONE_HOUR = ONE_MINUTE * 60
static final long ONE_MINUTE = ONE_SECOND * 60
static final long ONE_SECOND = 1000

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