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pauker::program::gui::swing::BatchListCellRenderer Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::JPanel, and javax::swing::ListCellRenderer.

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Detailed Description

A renderer for cards in a batch list

Definition at line 35 of file BatchListCellRenderer.java.

Public Member Functions

 BatchListCellRenderer (PaukerFrame paukerFrame, Color selectedColor)
void disableInfoPanel ()
java.awt.Component getListCellRendererComponent (JList list, Object object, int index, boolean isSelected, boolean cellHasFocus)
void setLineWrap (boolean lineWrap)

Private Member Functions

void highLight (Card card, Card.Element cardSide, JTextArea textArea)
void initComponents ()
void lazyBackgroundChange (JComponent component, Color color)
void setBackgroundColor (Color color)

Static Private Member Functions

static int getUnWrappedTextWidth (JTextArea textArea, String text)
static void layoutTextAreas (int widthForText, int textLengthSum, int shortTextWidth, JTextArea shortTextArea, int longTextWidth, JTextArea longTextArea)
static void setPreferredSize (JTextArea textArea, int xAxisSpan)

Private Attributes

final Color backgroundColor
javax.swing.JLabel batchNumberLabel
javax.swing.JTextField batchNumberTextField
boolean brainIconSet
javax.swing.JPanel contentsPanel
javax.swing.JTextField expirationTextField
javax.swing.JLabel expiredLabel
javax.swing.JTextArea frontSideTextArea
javax.swing.JPanel infoPanel
javax.swing.JSeparator jSeparator1
javax.swing.JTextField learnedDateTextField
javax.swing.JLabel learnedLabel
boolean lineWrapping
final PaukerFrame paukerFrame
javax.swing.JLabel repeatByTypingLabel
javax.swing.JTextArea reverseSideTextArea
final Color selectedColor
boolean wasSelected

Static Private Attributes

static final Icon brainIcon
static final DateFormat dateFormat
static final String expiredString
static final String expiresString
static final String learnedString
static final Logger logger
static final String notLearnedString
static final
static final Icon typingIcon
static final

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